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Punch Bags - Wall Bags

Punch Bags - Wall Bags

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Wall Bags equally beneficial for Wing Chun & Boxing - TurnerMAX


Wall punching bags are specifically designed for Wing Chun style of fighting. They are usually made out of canvas or leather. Nevertheless, here, you’ll find them mostly in canvas with three sturdy D-rings to hang it up on the wall, pillar or a tree nearby. The purpose is to train your striking abilities, making them intense with bigger endurance levels to turn you into a fierce fighter. Eventually, you get there with practice and devotion towards your coach and your game.


3 Section Wall Punching Bag


Usually, there are two types of Wing Chun wall bags – 3 section wall bags and 2 section wall bags. A single section bag is also out there but it is uncommon. Apparently, if you examine them online, they look as if they have been air filled but that is not the case. They are actually filled with sand, gravel or beans. The top or first two sections of the wall bag are used to practice punching while the 3rd or the last sections are generally used for kicking or kneeing.

Since, people and youngsters are showing their interest in them, the four section or 5 section bags have also hit the market influencing the players to talk about them while displaying their skills. It is seen all the sections are filled with different fillers.


Canvas Target Punching Bag


Wall bags are sometimes referred to as ‘Target Punching Bags’. There are specific target points on the bags similar to the targets in a shooting range. Those target points need to be hit with several combos to train your knuckles into lethal weapons. Iron palm training, as it is called, sounds about right when it comes to target punching bags. It’s all about powerful fists in the end. One accurate blow can do wonders on the day.

The canvas wall bags are durable but not as smooth and comfortable to hit as the leather ones. Canvas is especially recommended for kicking. Make sure to learn punching under a trained coach so that punches land on the bag as they are supposed to land. This will protect your hands and knuckles against serious injuries.


What are the Wing Chun Wall Bags Filled with?


Sand or rice can be used as fillers for starters. Other types of fillers may include dried beans (kidney beans), ball bearings, gravel etc. Fine gravel or ball bearings are often chosen by the slightly experienced strikers. Please be careful with them and always ask for professional guidance before training on them. We don’t want you to get yourself hurt. The idea is to use your bottom three knuckles to hit the bag with different combinations. The beginners should stand at a comfortable distance and hit the bag so that they don’t have to stretch their arms.


Killer Hands or Palms


Iron palm training is the appropriate name for the training you get on a wall bag. Iron fist sounds like the name of a Bruce Lee movie, but it is actually what happens when you train on it regularly. The wrist position should be straight and elbow unlocked. As a result of rigorous trainings, you get rock hard palms. Make sure you hit the same spot or circular target, while performing back to back strikes. Vertical, knife edge and horizontal palms will turn you into a force to reckon with. You, eventually, will become invincible amongst your circle of martial artists.


Kicking, Punching, Kneeing – You name it and we have it!


Now that we have talked a bit about wall bags for Wing Chun, who exactly benefits from the use of wall bags. Boxers, MMA and Muay Thai athletes always have a hunger for fearless punching and kicking, hence, wall bags can definitely play a major role in getting them ready. TurnerMAX wall bags will polish your knee strikes into knockout journeys and your kicks into 100% triumph. We do not recommend elbow hits to the wall bag. It has been seen having devastating consequences. Furthermore, they are a great source for toning up your weaker side and muscles. If you’re right handed naturally, try practicing on the bag using your left side – the weaker side. This will balance out the weakness and distribute equilibrium throughout the body structure.

Tip of the Day


Last but not the least, wall bags should be dealt with proper diet and food options. Your worn out bones require mending during the time of rest, therefore, eat more calcium based diet. On the other hand, muscles will wear and tear during training for which you’ll be needing lots of proteins.

Happy wall bagging!


Note: Wear hand wraps or inner gloves before you get on with the wall bag drills.