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Punch Bags - Shaped

Punch Bags - Shaped

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Top-Rated Body Bags – Uppercut Punching Bags


TurnerMAX has a healthy past record of building smooth surfaced, sturdy, brightly coloured punching bags for the people of the UK. We are here to guide and assist you in choosing the best shaped body punching bag or the uppercut heavy bag as per your training requirements. The body punching bag has a specific purpose and it is included essentially in the later part of combat sports training.


It is strongly advised to train on these superior shock-absorbing angle punching bags to master the uppercut technique plus they will definitely make you feel like you are hitting under the chin of your opponent. Therefore, accuracy and power of your punches is also enhanced. Foot movement is automatically improved when you keep moving around the bag. Just make sure the bag doesn’t move much which means it should be densely filled with textile material or rags of cloth.


Angle Punching Bag Support Equipment


A heavy duty chain for punch bag or swivel chain is supplied with each shaped body punching bag. In order to install the bag, you’ll have to buy a ceiling hook or punch bag bracket. Some of the angle punch bags come with inner mitts or inner gloves.


Choose Your Favourite Colour and Start Your Punching Drills:


These punching bags are available in various colours and designs. They come in several lengths as well, choose the one that best suits your height and weight. Usually, it is a good idea to fill it up to 100 lbs which is enough for the hanging heavy bag not to move much after being hit. Always remember to strike the bag with full force. This helps develop high muscular endurance and utilize all the pent up negative energies.


Punching body bags are often shaped like a mannequin that assists in target practicing because you have a clear view of your opponent. Ordinarily, all kinds of striking can be practiced including punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing on this all-for-one purpose heavy punching bag.


Uppercut Heavy Bags – Integral Part of Fighting


Angle punching bags are not only a great way to mature your uppercuts but also create different angles for the fighter to master. Consistency is the key to every line of work. If you are focused and determined, after some time, you will feel the difference in your striking abilities. TurnerMAX uppercut punching bags are top-rated and long-lasting and thus a guaranteed investment.


Jab is the most used punch whereas a cross is the most powerful punch you have in your stack. Hooks are another type but it takes hours of training to land a perfect hook. To develop skill and to master the art of punching and kicking, you need proper guidance of a trainer who gives directions to you in every phase. To make use of uppercut boxing bags, we all must go through vigorous intense training sessions. This will not only make us fit on the outside but on the inside too. We will feel more energetic and our multi-tasking capabilities will only raise hands in praise. 


Women – Mind Throwing an Uppercut?


Last, but not the least, we have the pink punching bags. Yes, they are pink and black, a colour associated with the femininity but in the boxing world it can even be used by men. We never classify men and women according to colours. But if you’re interested in this special coloured bag which is not shocking pink but light pink making it very easy on the eye, we would be happy to ship it to you.


The pink boxing bag is stitched to perfection keeping in view the supply and demand of the product. Every punching bag has a zip on top to secure the shredded material in place. It also helps in increasing or decreasing its weight. Furthermore, the connectors which have to be attached to the swivel chain are quite solid and can hold massive weight.