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Punch Bags - Maize Bags

Punch Bags - Maize Bags

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Best Value Maize Bags for Combat Sportsmen

What is exactly a maize bag?

Maize bag stands for a bag that is filled with maize. What is maize? Maize was the ancient name for corn. Another name common for a maize bag is the pear shaped bag. If you examine closely, the bag appears to be identical to the shape of the pear. TurnerMAX manufactures various maize punch bags for boxing, martial arts and MMA training.


What are Maize Bags used for?


That’s an important question often asked. It is a punch bag that isn’t supposed to be hit. It looks like a speedball but it is simply heavier (filled with corn). We do not need to punch it but rather we have to make it swing. Looking at those giant pendulum-like leaps is good training for the eyes; hence hand-eye collaboration is improved. Moving your head around the maize bag, saving your head from touching the ball, trains you how to avoid punches from the opposing side.


Maize Bag Mechanics


As the bag swings to and fro, the player tries to duck or avoid contact, resulting in head movement practice. Moreover, defense and timing improves as the fighter focuses on the moving maize bag, keeping his hands up in order to defend himself.


Getting into a rhythm is important for the boxer. That fighting rhythm is achieved by using the maize bag. It is essential for the player to move the head to the side as the bag comes and goes. Make sure your head aligns with the center line of rotation as soon as you have dodged the bag.




The length of a TurnerMAX maize bag is about 2 feet, whereas, the weight depends on the amount of sand or maize loaded in it. The weight of the machine filled leather maize bag is 15 kg. Mostly, genuine cowhide leather is used in producing the highest quality maize bags. The fact that they are hand-stitched further stresses the attention to detail factor in the making of these bags.


The internal lining adds extra strength and relieves the added pressure on the bag’s hook or bracket. Bright red/black, jet black and natural brown colours are available which can be filled with sand if you can’t find the maize, usually, by the help of the zip top design. You can easily customize the filling according to your training needs.


TurnerMAX Always Brings a Lucrative Deal for You


It comes with FREE inner mitts, resistance bands and a swivel chain to be hung from a punching bag hook or bracket. It is ideal for home gyms as it is not as big or heavy as a boxing punching bag. In contrary to what I said earlier, the boxing maize bag CAN be used for uppercuts, jabs and hooks. It is just an all-in-one training package. You can practice elbows, knees and even kicks. High kicks for martial artists and MMA athletes are core part of their training.




Maize bag for boxing assists in maintaining cardiovascular health, fitness and sheds calories. If you want to remain fit as a pear in terms of its freshness, do make it a habit of going after pear shaped bags for good.