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Punch Bags - Leather

Punch Bags - Leather

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Punch Bags – Leather


Leather punching bag is the number one athletic equipment to improve your striking abilities. TurnerMAX produces or manufactures the best quality leather boxing bags in red, black and brown. Red colour is the dyed one whereas black and brown are naturally available colours. The leather punching bags are not only used for training by professional boxers, martial artists and MMA specialists but also used by amateurs for their everyday workout routine. The exercise that they deliver is a total calorie-killer and a stress buster. 


Leather Punching Bags Available In Various Sizes:


TurnerMAX guarantees the quality of its cowhide leather because it is pure and free from all kinds of impurities. Furthermore, the heavy duty boxing bags are available in different sizes4 Ft, 5 Ft and 6 Ft being the most admired and well-liked sizes.


Effective Tool For Developing Raw Punching Power:


Punching bag is a partner that never gives up. The 6 feet or the banana bags provide practice for lower kicks. The punching skills, higher kicks, elbowing and kneeing are perfected by the use of leather punching bags which are reliable, durable and affordable, a trademark of TurnerMAX. The pure leather heavy bags can sustain heavy beating for almost 10 to 15 years. They’re worth investing your hard-earned money because TurnerMAX leather punching bags are the best quality bags in the UK.


Hanging Punching Bags:


Usually each leather punching bag is provided with a swivel chain which is made up of steel. This chain gets attached to the four clips on top of the bag to be hung from the punching bag bracket. Leather heavy bags are usually hanging punching bags which are either wall mounted or attached to a solid hook from the ceiling. Here a punching bag stand is also a worthy option which lets you hang the heavy bag, a speed bag and a floor-to-ceiling ball. Hence, the stand provides you with variable workout solutions. There is a zip at the top of the bag which allows you to increase or decrease the amount of filling. It is usually filled with rags of cloth, wood clippings or sand. In some cases water is also used. Ordinarily, aqua bags are used by the more experienced players.


What Should Be The Weight Of The Bag?


The weight of the leather punching bag is standard for every heavy bag. Every punching bag should weigh between 70 to 80 lbs, not exceeding more than 100 pounds. This kind of weight ensures the bag doesn’t move much after being hit. As a result, the fighter develops raw punching power. The leather material is expensive but offers the finest texture to strike. With time, the leather gets even finer and softer. It becomes a delight to hit.


Punching Bag Sets:


The most commonly demanded punching bag is the 5 ft boxing bag which seems like the ideal size.  Whereas, the 4 ft boxing bags and 6 ft boxing bags are also quite famous lengths for heavy bags. Turner Sports happens to sell boxing sets in which a punch bag is included along with swivel chain bag gloves, inner gloves, hooks & brackets. This is indeed an advantage of buying TurnerMAX products.