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Punch Bags - Hooks & Brackets

Punch Bags - Hooks & Brackets

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Best Quality Punching Bag Hooks, Brackets & Chains by TurnerMAX


Where to buy a Punching Bag Chain?


Well, you’ve come to the right place. This place has what it takes to hold and support a 100 or 150 pounder punch bag. If I were you, I’d close my eyes and buy a TurnerMAX punching bag chain in the blink of an eye, because I have seen it and tested it out personally. But, since, I am working for Turner Sports and I am saying this, it would be taken as a marketing gimmick! Hence, I lay my argument on a side and move on so you can decide, whether, I am right or wrong.


Types of Punching Bag Chains


For mounting the punch bag to the bag mount which can be hook or a bracket, we need a swivel chain. There are different types of chains for punching bags, available both on the internet and conventional shops. All you need is a keen eye to look up the chain you want. Most chains are usually four panel stainless steel chains but there are six legged or panel chains on the market as well. TurnerMAX swivel chains, although have four panels but the strength in them is tremendous because they are made under strict supervised protocol using A grade stainless steel.


Punching Bag Hooks


Punching bag hook has to be strong enough to hold a heavy bag. The hooks manufactured by Turner Sports are rather interestingly sold in different bundles or packages including punching bags, bag mitts along with a ceiling hook and a swivel chain. Furthermore, there are 13 piece bundles also available saving you a lot of money in one go.

Dependable, reliable and durable punching bag hooks and brackets by TurnerMAX are a force to reckon with, when it comes to meeting highest quality standards with the most favourable customer services. Guiding you at every step is our mission statement.

Boxing bags or heavy bags are not the only thing boxers need, but a trustworthy swivel chain with a sturdy hook or a bracket is a necessary requirement also, unless you already own a punching bag stand or a heavy bag hanging kit. TurnerMAX also has the honour of selling unfailing and highly enduring punching bag stands on which you can hang a punch bag, floor to ceiling ball and a speedball - A 3-in-1 functional powerhouse for all your training needs.


Types of Hooks & Brackets


·      Heavy duty swivel ceiling hook is a special kind of boxing ceiling hook produced by TurnerMAX in order to hang the heaviest bag that you have! It won’t shy away from the amount of weight being put on it. Just by the look of it, one knows what it’s capable of!

·        Heavy duty ceiling hook for punch bag usually creates an impact on your pocket in the most surrealistic way. It means the price is much lower and quality is much higher. Punching bag ceiling hook will be attached to a sturdy beam in the ceiling. Make sure you hire a professional to do the job or else you might have to suffer the consequences. Poor job done can be dangerous and a safety risk.

·     There is a hook by the edge of a punching bag bracket to which the four panel chain needs to be attached.

·    Then, there is a two-piece wall bracket to be installed by a solid brick wall. Though, the designs or shapes are few but they get the job done and won’t undermine your trust. Keeping you out of risks ensuring your safety is our top most priority. The fixtures and fittings are supplied with each hook and wall bracket, therefore, the need to buy them separately is nullified.


Concluding Remarks

The prices are affordable and user-friendly. We don’t encourage selling on higher rates as we are here to promote health and fitness rather than minting money. Moreover, we believe, a company that has no basic principles or ethics is bound to take the fall sooner or later. One of the very reasons, we have prevailed as a successful sports enterprise is our constant fight and struggle against stereotypical selling approach. This motivates us every day to work harder, to be one step closer to reaching our goal.



Happy bracketing!!!