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What is the difference between Boxing Shorts and MMA Shorts?

Whether, you are looking for boxing shorts or MMA shorts, the most important thing to look into is their comfort level. Many fighters have complained about getting rashes in the hip area. This is what happens, when you do not choose wisely. It is better to ask your trainer for recommendations or for what it’s worth, read the reviews!

Men’s and women’s boxing shorts are different, since, men and women have different body structures. Brands of all sorts are selling them both online and at traditional sporting outlets. Hats off to technology, most of us like shopping online these days. But some of us, who don’t adore technology and like to see the real thing before purchase, would rather choose a conventional sports shop over internet.


Longer boxing shorts just mean more comfort and less style! I know we are in an era in which fashion has taken over all kinds of sports. But even then the longer shorts, I believe provide more easiness and functionality to the fighters, covering all awkward angles fighters tend to move in during the bout. It is indeed quite pragmatic! Boxing shorts are baggy with a broad waist band and length touching the knees.


Men’s Boxing Shorts


Boxing shorts for men are longer than MMA shorts, which are shorter and tighter. Boxing shorts, on the other hand, are a bit loose. To have a better understanding, it is advised to visit online stores and check out a few items related to boxing and MMA. Boxing shorts on Amazon can be easily viewed and prices compared, giving you an opportunity to buy them right there and then.


Boxing clothes do not need to be expensive because the first thing is their comfort level and secondly, fighter should personally like them. They might add flair to their performance on the fight night. Remember, the groin guards are a must tool for your boxing kit. Reliable guards, the presence of them can save you from brutal injuries. Boxing gear or boxing apparel is incomplete without boxing shorts from a trusted brand. Fighter’s confidence depends on them, psychologically influencing the outcome of the match. 


Black boxing shorts are something everyone wants to put on, for starters, but a multitude of colours are there to choose from. You can select whatever you like most! Similarly, blue and red boxing shorts are immensely common among boxers and aspiring fighters.  


Women’s Boxing Shorts


‘Short boxing trunks’ best refer to women’s boxing shorts. Pink boxing shorts are also there for the taking; something TurnerMAX also produces in accordance with the international standards. The colour is not shocking but lighter on the eyes. Ladies boxing shorts are usually made up of satin mixed with polyester. Well that is the case for most boxing shorts! But there are always customised boxing shorts; some manufacturers can get you custom shorts. Girls or teenage boxing shorts along with the vests always make a good combination.


There are obviously boxing pants out there, which can be deemed fit for training - A necessary part of female boxing training outfit. They can also be called ‘boxing sweatpants’, since, they can be used for a casual evening at home as well.


Famous Brands for Boxing Shorts


Everlast comes right there on top, leading other brands. It can easily be regarded as one of the oldest company in this business. Then there is Title, Adidas, Nike, Hublot, Suzi Wong’s custom shorts etc.


MMA Fight Shorts


Mixed Martial Art shorts have evolved from the common biking shorts and come a long way. Now, special guidelines are laid by the Unified Rules for manufacturing MMA shorts. They are a lot tighter and fitter than the boxing shorts. This way the opponent will not be able to attack your shorts. You never know when a fighter might lash on your shorts and rip them. It’s funny to think about it but for a game this intense, tighter shorts seem like the only option. They are made from polyester/spandex mixture material making them lightweight and flexible.



Tight MMA shorts, yes, whether, you are a man or a woman, they are supposed to be tight! Often termed as MMA fight shorts in the fighting circuit – they are readily available for sale on Amazon. Different brands with different prices. MMA clearance sale in the UK allows the fighters to buy them at cheaper rates. Furthermore, you wear them inside the cage, the octagon, hence the name cage fighter shorts comes into existence. The players dive into their favourite grappling techniques in the octagon, which is why they are also called grappling shorts. No gis are involved in MMA. Black MMA shorts are widely purchased for MMA training. However, to choose the best MMA shorts, you need to know exactly what you are looking for! This includes the size, the material, the stitching quality etc. Everyone needs to do their homework.


Where to buy MMA Shorts?


Women’s MMA shorts in the UK are often sold on the basis of their slickness. They are skin tight and lead the way to more flexibility, while applying all the kicking options. There are hundreds of colours and designs available. One name that stands out among the rest is ‘Venum’ manufacturing for both men and women. Youth fight shorts, board shorts, wrestling shorts and compression shorts all have similarities, since, they play a role in making MMA exciting and a worthy sport! If you are looking for cheap MMA shorts, again, don’t go for something you haven’t read about. Do your research! We don’t want you to end up getting rashes.



They can be used as your workout shorts in the gym and some might use them for swimming as well. However, we deal in 100% cotton martial arts pants, UFC MMA shorts along with MMA training gear including gloves and protective wear. We take pride in selling on the website along with giants like Amazon and eBay.  

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