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How to Lose Weight without doing Strenuous Exercise

We want to just get right on it. If you think you are feeling heavier with each passing day, it is a sign for you to start eating clean or follow a diet program. Visiting the right nutritionist or dietician can go a long way in making you feel good about yourself. Using brisk walk regularly as a form of lighter exercise and taking up healthy nutrients as part of your food can make the difference. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen, instead, head out and search for a weight loss program to burn fat fast. Make the miracle happen!

How to Lose Weight without doing Strenuous Exercise

Fast weight loss is something we all want to achieve but how is the million dollar question. Men, women, kids, which means everyone is suffering with the problem of gaining weight. It is sort of a global dilemma of modern times. If we think about what’s causing it, we will come to a conclusion that it has something to do with our diet. There are several weight loss programs, weight loss products available out there but why is the world getting out of sorts rather than being fit.


Diet plans for Women to Lose Weight


Okay, I know this has been tried and tested but not when someone is making you follow it via extremely tasteful healthy food. We all know that vegetable intake, less carbohydrates; taking brown sugar and rice don’t pile up calories like some other foods do. Therefore, they are a healthy choice of food. A good diet plan after proper analysis can lead you on the way towards natural weight loss. We do want everything natural which is pretty understandable too!

Through proper choice of food, you can reduce weight and feel like you are a ball of cotton waiting to be carried away by the gusts of wind. I know that’s a dream for every heavy or chubby person out there.


BMI is not a Myth but a Reality


Gyms or fitness centers often try measuring our BMIs which is short for ‘body mass index’. I know that is something we often tend to ignore. I want to mention the fact that it is very vital to know our BMIs in order to get a grip on our overall health. Our height and weight ratio needs to be measured properly so we can set an achievable goal for ourselves.

People often ask for the quickest or fastest way to lose weight. It has been proven that eating proper food on fixed times more than three times a day can get us there. Once we are closer to the shore of weight loss, we can relax and be less anxious to wait for the gradual decrease in weight. Yes, being patient is the key!


Staying Hydrated


It is important to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water though the day. The nutritionists recommend a glass of water half an hour before the meal or 1 ½ hours after you have consumed the meal. Somehow, this speeds up the devouring process of the fat molecules. Every dietician has their own way to set up plans but whatever fast weight loss plan you’re proposed, make sure to follow it religiously. Alright! There can be a few deviations but not in entirety.

Every weight loss program involves water as a source to kill extra fat. It’s time to drink up nature’s champagne (water) to get healthier.

The best way to lose weight is not to over try by the use of supplements or weight loss pills. They haven’t been suggested by the dieticians or nutritionists as far as I know. The only pills that are recommended are vitamins or sugar-free tablets.


How to Lose Belly Fat quickly is a Question that comes later on?


That’s a question most women have got lingering in their subconscious, in the back of their minds. Even if they don’t say it, this is definitely a problem they would like to solve! Success doesn’t come easy nor has a shortcut. If we really need to jump start things, start by cutting out all junk food involving burgers, pizzas and drinks like sodas and processed juices. Involve dry fruits in your diet; especially consuming them as soon as you wake up literally helps.




Our first goal is to feel good about ourselves before we really start attending to the core problem (belly fat).

Detoxifying ourselves or removing all the harmful substances from our bodies is the first thing. This could take a couple of weeks. The actual diet comes after the detoxification period. It is done by replacing our current food with the diet that our bodies deserve at that very moment. A qualified nutritionist, more importantly, the one that suits you more can really lead the way out of this whirlpool!


Losing Weight without Trying


Stomach fat gets piled up due to inactivity or movement and taking more calories than what are normally required. A healthy person requires almost 2500 calories per day to function and anything exceeding that limit is just additional. Exercise is one of the ways to hasten the process of trimming down but it is not always dumbbells, hex bars or treadmills which are effective. You can just walk a few miles every day and achieve your desired goal. Working out or going to the gym can be too much at the start so let’s just focus on our eating habits and brisk walks. This is almost like losing weight without trying.

There are numerous health plans out there for you to follow. Some of them are even free but I suggest you visit a nutritionist to see what suits you the best. Because weight loss plans that really work for others might not work for you.


Top Products assisting in Weight Loss


  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruits
  3. Chicken
  4. Basil seeds
  5. Cucumbers
  6. Papayas
  7. Pears
  8. Mushrooms
  9. Onions
  10. Beetroots
  11. Cabbages
  12. Tomatoes
  13. Carrots
  14. Ginger

Don’t consume them in ample amounts but rather eating a handful of them at one time is purposeful.

These are extreme weight loss food items having high nutritional value. Moreover, they will fill you up and not fill you out! However, the times at which we consume food matters. Please be consistent with your food intake timings as strictly as a doctor’s appointment. 


Final Remarks – Staying Hungry is not a Solution


It is not that we need to stay hungry to lose weight but rather it is more towards eating cleaner and becoming healthier. Exercise helps speed up the metabolism. However, I would suggest a brisk walk and change of diet plan for starters. It would make you feel good about yourselves in a couple of weeks. This motivation will allow you to move forward and leap over the giant pits of fat and eventually becoming a slim and smart woman or man. I know it’s easier to say these things than to act upon them. Having a strong support system, like a partner who is willing to be there for you, whatever the situation may be can be a game changer and a solution to all the initial hurdles.

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