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A Brief Look at Halloween Day through British Perspective

Wishing you all a happy Halloween so you make most of the day or night more importantly! UK has come to grips with the festival and realizes its significance because the w0omen and kids are all up for it. It is a reminder for Christians to carry on the legacy of their ancestors who believed bonfires fended away the evil spirits trying to ruin their crop fields. The traditions of those who have left us need to be celebrated with passion guarding the sanctity of Christian culture.

A Brief Look at Halloween Day through British Perspective

Halloween 2017 in the UK will not be a holiday as some of might be expecting it to be! I got to say this for a fact that Halloween is celebrated with more enthusiasm in US as compared to the UK. Although, the festival has its roots in the UK, somehow the event has been adopted by the Americans making it more prominent and candid for the rest of the world. Halloween in America is eye popping and kind of grows on you.


Is Halloween a British or Amercian Festival?


It has more of a religious meaning rather than a geographical one. The word itself means a “Holy evening”, celebrated to remember the saints, martyrs, those who have departed. More concerned with one’s beliefs as a Christian, the event includes lighting up bonfires, once used by the ancient Celts to cast away spirits thought of as destroyer of crops. That is basically why Halloween is celebrated!

Even in Australia and Germany the festival is gaining hype and popularity as time flies by. In comparison, Bonfire Night happening on 5th November also known as Guy Fawkes Night usually gathering people in Victoria Park in huge numbers is slowly losing its flair. The fireworks, however, are brilliant! It is the best park of London from many aspects. The point here is that Halloween seems to outdo the Fireworks Night by being popular among the two. Adults, kids look forward to Halloween rather than the Bonfire Night.

Most of the kids nowadays don’t know the history of Bonfire (Guy Fawkes) Night, since Halloween has been growing on them with each passing year.


When is Halloween in America?


The Halloween date is the same as every year, 31st October, and this time it lands on Tuesday for the Americans. It is the upcoming Tuesday, so now all you are left with are last minute decorations and costumes. If you haven’t started preparing for it yet, there are still a few days left. Retailers say Halloween is good business. It generates revenue for them coming third after Christmas and Easter. Dressed up as superheroes, action figures, fairies, zombies, vampires, ghosts, skeletons, Harley Quinn etc. acting all crazy strolling down the streets in groups has often been seen.


Painting Horror


The makeup industry is at a financial gain on this day just like many other businesses. People go in for shopping makeovers or go over to salons, hair and makeup professionals to get their Halloween makeup done. Yeah! They redesign the faces and hair according to whichever characters you might choose to be through the night. If you’re a zombie, there will be blood all over your face, obviously!


Costumes - Catchy yet Appalling


There are very interesting costumes that are tried out on Halloween. Some of them have been mentioned above. We need to adjust our annual budget in such a way so we can allow ourselves to enjoy the night like it is supposed to be. If you’re a couple you can go for the famous Batman and Harley Quinn. Halloween parties are held in every nook and corner and the guests participate wearing sexy cum frightening dresses stepping up the night’s momentum. Even the pets have something scary for them to wear. Pets are a big part of community now and including them in the celebration just makes it more fun and intense.


Halloween Decorations


Pumpkin becomes the primary or identifying vegetable for the event. Every household has a carved monster pumpkin in their yard to say the least. It is time to get yourselves some pumpkins even if you don’t want to do something extravagant for the day. Other decorations may include fake hanging bats, cobwebs and spiders. Decorations extend to food as well. Special eatables are prepared for adults and kids. You can find so many recipes on the internet. They might look gross but shouldn’t taste awful.




A common phrase that we often hear on this day is trick-or-treating! American kids do more of this than the British. However, kids in England are going after their parents, just a bit more every year to get on with the preparations. They ask parents to get them costumes and urge them to put on costumes as well. We are all connected through a chain of events. Nonetheless, we should be able to figure out a way to keep things under a budget. Many stores including ASDA put deals & discounts on Halloween items, keeping the expenses within limits.


TurnerMAX’s Huge Discount on Halloween 2017


We are offering a treat for all the fitness and fighting individuals out there. There is a discount of up to 50% on a number of products. With a wish for you to be safe, we also want you to enjoy or order products from the comfort of your homes. This isn’t a big deal, since the website is fully functional. If there is any confusion or hindrance, we are taking calls during 10 am to 5 pm in the UK. Please give us a call during working hours. To serve and help you choose your favourite product is one factor we strive for the most!




Halloween isn’t obligatory. The temptations to feel and look like celebrities are just way too much nowadays with the way they show up on such occasions. The pressure of handling it can get overwhelming at times. Adolescents, teens, office colleagues, students can be emotionally empowered with the peer pressure. Here I just want to say one thing: If being yourself doesn’t mean stepping out of your comfort zone then go for it. Become part of it and enjoy the night. We don’t want to get stressed out on an occasion that is unraveled with the chill factor!


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