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Who do you think will Clinch Victory in the Real Boxing Fight between Canelo & GGG after Mayweather-McGregor Bout?

I am glad we have come this far to appreciate a real boxing match, which is the true manifestation of love for boxing. Both the fighters (GGG & Canelo) are determined to prove themselves and their morale is quite high, bringing loads of experience into the ring. It doesn’t matter which side wins or which side loses, what matters is the fighting spirit so they can carry on to write their names with the likes of Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson. The result will give us the new middleweight champion of the world.

Who do you think will Clinch Victory in the Real Boxing Fight between Canelo & GGG after Mayweather-McGregor Bout?

Don’t get fatigued just yet, because the big fight is coming right up. Mayweather-McGregor encounter in GGG’s words was a circus show and that it was merely a money gig rather than a real fight.

Are you guys ready for the 16th of September, 2017? However, the venue is not yet confirmed, but this fight has already gathered a lot of hype and heat. Everyone, including TurnerMAX seems so charged up for this long awaited fight between two established boxers.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez belongs to Mexico, while GGG is the Kazakh king of boxing. Both these players display unique set of skills and abilities.

Let’s look at some of their stronger areas…

Canelo’s Strong Points


  1. The amount of power shown by Canelo over his fight with Carlos Baldomir was a hint for the boxers that he can’t be taken lightly. A man who had never been knocked out in his entire career was down and out at the hands of Saul “Alvarez” Canelo. GGG must not take him for granted because the man has got what it takes to beat the fiercest on the day. Canelo is a punching powerhouse!
  2. Another significant feature in Canelo’s style of fighting is that he fights like the old veteran fighters. He has enough patience to choose his punches and devise a game plan in his head as the game progresses. Since this control is not easily achieved by younger fighters, Alvarez is bound to have an upper edge on most fighters. He never gets emotions to block his vision – a quality of a world class fighter.
  3. The king of Mexico has all the weapons in his boxing artillery and he makes sure to use them time and time again. Something worth noticing is that he can also move his head to avoid lethal blows. This form of defense was seen during the early days of Mike Tyson. Canelo will use all his skills effectively in the bout coming up against GGG.
  4. The impressive stats for Canelo Alvarez are 48-1-1 with 34 KOs. Canelo has lost only a single match in his entire 48 fights. If this is not intriguing to you, then what is?
  5. Again, Power, GGG has the ability to throw punches with enormous power to damage the opponent or make him feel dreamy with one hit. Some of us agree that his main area of expertise is his raw power that he is able to generate, which can turn off your lights in broad daylight. This sounds like a less strategic statement but it can turn around a big match into his favour within minutes.
  6. The balance, foot movement is there! He is ALWAYS in a punching position so if you have just struck him in the ribs or the face, don’t get lazy, because he will pounce back even harder. He is able to maintain a posture that I haven’t seen in many boxers after being hit hard. GGG is tough and he can take a hit!
  7. His ground breaking record of 350 amateur fights makes him a force to reckon with. Coming up with loads of experience and confidence after massive wins can make Canelo think about his strategy twice. Most of the boxing enthusiasts know about GGG’s lethal jab.
  8. The unorthodox Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin is 35 years old. He’s older than Canelo but can this point go in favour of the young Mexican. I don’t think so; we’ll witness an outstanding fight, regardless of who is young or who’s old. These guys will literally prove the statement of age being just a number. GGG’s astonishing statistics are 36-0 with 33 knockouts and not a single defeat.


GGG’s Strengths


What do Other Boxers have to say about GGG & Canelo?


Amir Khan, the British pride, after the fight with Canelo in May 2016, was stunned by the performance of his counterpart. He wasn’t thinking Canelo would turn out to be an absolute nightmare for him. Khan was knocked out in the sixth round. But, he accepted Canelo’s supremacy with a clear head. He said something like this, “Most of us underestimate Canelo’s skills. Canelo is very strong and moves quite well.” He was also of the view that Canelo will beat GGG as he rates him as a better fighter.

Former IBF welterweight champion Shawn Porter along with his father Kenny Porter sees a victory for GGG. They said that GGG is a better fighter among the two and he has an absolute gem of an amateur record. They are both vouching for GGG for this middleweight mega fight of the year 2017.

Chris Van Heerden picks Canelo as his favourite fighter facing Golovkin. Chris has been Canelo’s sparring partner for a couple of weeks and he said he has never experienced such powerful punches before. Chris is backing Canelo for his power. The Mexican can damage any opposition. He added, “The power is scary that Canelo carries”.


TurnerMAX’s Take


TurnerMAX wishes both these fighters the best for their upcoming match. Since, we are talking about Mexico; the blue Mexican boxing gloves by TurnerMAX would be best suited for this match in a perfect world. Because, the date, time or venue is not yet fixed for this fight, we will not make any early assumptions about this match.

This fight will further add to the flair and beauty of boxing as a sport. Many youngsters would be watching it either on the TV or live being present in the big boxing arena. We need more events like this one which keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. This just creates a happy and unified boxing atmosphere. Just feel free to message us if you want anything related to boxing.

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