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TurnerMAX and Longsight Boxing Club Invites Everyone to Come and Enjoy Entertaining Bouts All Day Long

Boxing is pure passion mixed with temperament and attitude. “If your winning streak hasn’t been disturbed yet then it is time for you to take part in this tournament being held at the Burnage Academy for Boys on 23rd April, 2017”. That’s what we said to the enthusiastic members of various clubs. Not only the unbeatable candidates from other clubs will be participating but the fresh upcoming talent will be there to take upon the role of ruthless challengers. Turner Sports has teamed up with Longsight Club to bring forward something to cheer up the crowd in a positive way along with charging up the boys to polish their skills even further.

TurnerMAX and Longsight Boxing Club Invites Everyone to Come and Enjoy Entertaining Bouts All Day Long

Are You Guys Coming?


TurnerMAX is organizing boxing bouts in collaboration with the Longsight Boxing Club on the 23rd of April, 2017. It is going to be one hell of an occasion because fresh blood induced into the exciting sport of boxing is always fun to see. The elated and jubilant crowd is all welcome and invited to join us on this memorable event for a nominal fee of £10 per person. Bring your family and friends to sing, chant and do the victory dance as you see the fighters stand toe-to-toe. The time for the mind boggling, heart throbbing action will start at 12 noon and carry on until late in the evening.  


This is good news for the die-hard boxing fans as many young and fresh talented athletes will be making history in this tournament. Mr. Omar, the owner of this exclusive and experienced institution is of the opinion and has expressed his concerns over the need of boxing at a much more extended level.


Longsight Boxing Club – A Glimmer of Hope for the Sportsmen


He said, “We have been getting requests from parents and certain professional critics that we need more space and more equipment for the youth to enter into sports that lead them towards a brighter and healthier future”. He further added, “I myself am trying the best to train them and offer them my complete support. I give them time and advice even if I am occupied because if it wasn’t for them, the engaging sport of boxing would become extinct. More and more college kids are putting their future on the line by getting into addictions like drugs, pills etc. I am here to help them get their life back!”


Q & A by TurnerMAX Public Relations Department


Mr. Abdul Wahid Rashid (MD of Turner Sports UK) was caught by our reporters on his entrance into the club. We had a chance to talk with him for 2 minutes. An intriguing question was asked by our correspondent, “Why there is so much money now involved in the game and only those with connections have a say as far as the rules are concerned?”


MD and Boxing in the UK


He responded, “It is a pleasure to be here first of all, but you just raised a pertinent question, not everybody chooses to ask. I respect your concerns but since this region, the very ground we stand upon is the home of boxing; it is our duty to take a note of such activities. For the sole reason of affordability and accessibility to everyone, we partnered up with Longsight Club supplying them with quality equipment at lesser price. The kids wear vests and boxing shorts made by TurnerMAX and so far I haven’t had any complaint. So we condemn the pricier nature of combat sports gear. As far as the rules are concerned, we keep a close eye on writing about anything that is against the principles of boxing or crossing certain boundaries, which are best never to be crossed”.


He added as we stepped inside, “Are you looking at all those punching bags? Just touch this and feel the smooth texture. I personally adore this genuine leather punching bag in red. Whatever you’re watching right now is the pride of TurnerMAX.  These have been given to Longsight at discounted rates, much lower than their actual market price, only for the love of boxing. We are working very honestly and wholeheartedly for this! I have told Mr. Omar that whatever he needs, I am just a call away”.


TurnerMAX Believes in Never Giving Up


He is indeed a motivated individual and working for the cause of boxing and combat sports since his childhood as it is a family owned business, a family that keeps an open ear to anything happening in the boxing and martial arts industry.



At this point in time, TurnerMAX pledges the basic idea of growing out as a company and taking it to the next level supplying quality equipment, not only in the UK but all over the world. The website has been revamped for your convenience so that you can have another outlet from where you can buy whatever you need. Although, we were getting a highly positive response from Amazon and eBay stores but due to the strong conviction of our loyal customers, we have finally managed to get our own site in order. Nobody is as important to us as you guys!


The Furious Fighters!


The following combatants will be participating in this mega event. These boxers will be wearing TurnerMAX boxing shorts which are airy and you’d never sweat in them. The vests worn by these fighters will also say “TurnerMAX”. Hence, it’s an honour for TurnerMAX to be part of this elite boxing occasion.


Skills bouts


1. Ishmaam Wahid vs Bernie McDonough (Ardwick Lads) 46kg


2.  Samir Ghafari vs John joe Keenan (Ardwick Lads) 30 kg


3. Sourab Ghafari vs Andrew Keenan (Ardwick Lads) 50 kg


4. Sabeer Ghafari vs Joe lane (Jennings Boxing Club) 34kg


5. Hamad Abdul Wahid Vs J. Ainsworth Sale ABC 59 kg


Full bouts


6. Sadiq vs Jennings 45kg


7. Mohamed Husain vs M. Mayo (Eccles Boxing Club) 65kg .


8. Samiullah vs M. Grier 62 kg (not confirmed)


9. Siddiq vs Ben (Radcliffe Boxing Club) 60kg


10. Kassim Mohamed vs D. Atkinson (Border City) 69 kg


11. Saad Hussain vs Scott crone (Moston and Collyhurst ABC) 56 kg


12- Hasaan Abbas vs Leighton Fitzgerald (Moston and Collyhurst ABC) 70kg


13- Subharn Bhutta vs Brogan Cunningham (Moston and Collyhurst ABC) 56kg


14. Mansour Aldhufari 58kg Vs Raheem Mustakeem 60kg (Warrior Bread)


15. Ali Aldhufari Vs Azuz (Eccles Boxing Club) 44kg


16. Alan Hassan Vs Jack Edge 70kg Jimmy Egans ABC (to be confirmed)


17. Patrick O'Neil Forest vs Reynalds Fusilers 65kg


18. Saleh Al- Wandawi vs Any Christie (Halliwell ABC) 54kg


Above are some of the bouts that are going to be held on the mentioned date. The weight class is different for each match ranging from 30 kg to 70 kg. The opponents are undoubtedly the champions at their local clubs and will be competing in order to defend their names and titles. You will see the killer instinct in their eyes and body language. Let’s roll with the punches and drool over this mesmerizing, attention grabbing and unbelievable event in which the players will fight till the very end and show us their endurance, how much each one of them can take until one of them comes out as the winner.


Boxing Needs More Heart than Muscles


Keeping my fingers crossed and waiting anxiously for the days to pass by so I can become part of this incredible occurrence and share my wonderfully spent time with my friends who could not make it physically but I know where there heart is!


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