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Are You Guys Ready to Rumble with the Double M’s in 2017? McGregor vs. Mayweather

This is about the ultimate faceoff between the sophisticated American (Floyd Mayweather) and the ruthless Irish (Conor McGregor).

Are You Guys Ready to Rumble with the Double M’s in 2017? McGregor vs. Mayweather

A nail biting prospect from round 1 all the way to the KO! We don’t know the result yet but I have this gut feeling, we all want a knockout. 

Mike Tyson’s Statement


The legendary Mike Tyson predicts a win for the boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather, provided boxing rules are followed. This seems like he is saying that to please the boxing fraternity. Don’t you think? Well, I know it feels like a biased opinion but it holds weight as it is said by none other than Tyson himself. We’ll have to leave it to that!

TurnerMAX Respectfully Disagrees with Mike


It is still an open contest. We can’t underestimate the preparations Conor himself or Conor’s training crew on that day. They won’t be taking this bout lightly or some random challenge. What do you say? The killer instincts and the fury that burns in their eyes to be awesome will play a major role in the outcome of this match.

Rule of Thumb – No Pain No Gain


The rage, anger, desire to win and passion will all be coming into play. This is something to look out for in combat sports like boxing and MMA. The energy levels are just spellbinding. However, the MMA fighters appear more pumped up and it seems the adrenaline is much higher than in boxing. The kicking option in MMA might be the difference as it just doubles the chances of causing an injury to the opponent. Therefore, MMA has stepped up a little bit in terms of inflicting pain.

TurnerMAX thinks both these fighters have a fair chance of winning the bout. Floyd Mayweather is an accomplished boxer who knows the game better than anyone. He won’t be an easy target as some of us may expect. He might make it all look easy in the end as he is and has been that good of a fighter. But, the burning desire to clinch victory and stand proud in front of thousands of fans would be the deciding factor.

Both are Equally Good


The point is we should agree to disagree based on logical and rational reasoning. Here, the only reason is giving both the fighters a sporting chance. I just want to say, if we can compare both of them, we might reach on an unbiased judgment.

Floyd Mayweather’s Stats:


  • Floyd Mayweather has 35 fights, 28 wins, 17 KOs under his belt.
  • His current age is 40
  • Conor McGregor has 24 fights, 21 wins and 18 KOs
  • Currently aged 28

Conor Mcgregor’s Stats:


Clearly, both stand toe-to-toe in their fighting history. But we’ll have to admit Mcgregor’s knock out percentage is slightly on the higher side. This is just a rough assessment in black & white. The real deal needs to be inventive as the wow factor will prevail on that night.

McGregor is only 28 and is an ongoing fighter. Floyd, on the other hand could be considered an underdog for he is older and out of the boxing scene for a couple of years now.

The Enthusiasm & Partaking of Fans will be on an All Time High


The skill level of both these combatants is unmatched as they have proven themselves time and time again. Furthermore, the promoters will be in for the big money. It won’t be a small budget fight. Regardless of the big budget, crowd is more interested in watching these two men battle it out, giving their best. It would be a wish come true to watch them rumble as this fight has been added to my bucket list. I am sure as a fan of combat sports, you would agree with this thought. We want this entertaining match to happen and happen soon!

Dana White has a Plan


Now, the only glitch that we can see is whether the rules of boxing will be followed or we should just roll with MMA style. I am sure UFC and Boxing heads will figure this one out. You guys should definitely keep yourself geared up for the fight because this news has just started breaking. We need to witness the battle of the titans, the clash of the champions, the lions roaring in a cage as if they haven’t been fed for days.

TurnerMAX wishes Dana White, President of UFC, the best for this bout. The effort he’s putting in is undeniably worth the praise. TurnerMAX, here in the UK is fully aware of the truly holistic aspirations of boxing and MMA followers.

Don’t stress! Hang Tight!


With McGregor’s child coming into this world and this news creating the hype everywhere, McGregor must be feeling the rush of things. It is a very joyous occasion for the mixed martial artist. TurnerMAX is delighted to write about this child, who could be, you never know the future MMA champion of the world! Keeping our fingers crossed, sitting on the edge of our seats with a bag of popcorns and a confetti spray is all we can do at this moment!

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